The economic benefits of NéoCliP     

The NéoCliP system helps to ensure that containers are rigid, meaning that the quality and quantity of board used can be reduced…

Tests carried out by the L.N.E. (NF H 00-060 , programme C, severity level 5 E) demonstrated the viability of using a single wall flute at 40 kg, instead of a double wall flute at 30 kg, to achieve identical results.

Tested and launched to meet the requirements of a leader in the Food industry, NEOCLIP accessories are designed to solve packaging problems for a wide range of products:

– food,
– health products,
– beauty products,
– glassware,
– industrial parts (e.g. spare parts),
– etc.

Without NéoCliP

– Sagging shelves
– Poor display…giving your products a low-quality image and…
– Your products are displayed at random over several shelves

With NéoCliP

– The entire container is rigid
– Significant reduction in packaging costs
– Quick assembly, beating all other display systems
– Quality and structured product display