The technical benefits of NéoCliP

The NéoCliP system provides a range of solutions to product packaging, transport and display problems.
Here are just a few examples…

Containers with shelves

– 2, 3 or 4 clips are enough to secure a shelf to the lateral walls of the container,
– The layout of the openings to fit the clips can be modified. Shelf positions can be adapted to the exact height of the products to be displayed or transported using a standard container (e.g. 600 x 800). This means that products with different heights can be mixed in the same container or placed on the same display.

On-site advertising

– The NéoCliP system can be used to design any type of board display (extra thin flute, medium flute, double wall or triple wall), in plastic or other materials quite simply and with optimised flexibility.
– The accessories can be visible from the outside or produced in the same colour as the container and therefore masked, making the NEOCLIP system compatible with top notch displays.


– 1 - 2 clips are adequate to position and secure an advertising panel, a display or, for example, an urn for advertising coupons.

Transporting hanging products

– A hole can be drilled in the centre of the shelf to support the product…


– The profile of the NéoCliP accessory is adapted to the thickness of the support base.
– The length of the NéoCliP accessory is adapted to the loads carried.
– The shape of the NéoCliP accessory is adapted to the requirements of the products carried.
– The colour of the NéoCliP accessory can either match or contrast with the environment. A wide range of colours is available.
– NéoCliP accessories can be produced in other materials.

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